Wildfire on a Windy Day

SOCIAL MEDIA MISHAPS as experienced by Mark Petruska, a very talented comic writer. Thanks for allowing me to reblog and laugh again 🙂

Did I just sent that email?
Did I just sent that email?

Mark Petruska

Today was just an average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill Thursday. I took a walk before work. Knocked out a few articles. Grabbed lunch with Tara. Started a rumor that the owner of the company’s wife was expecting a baby. You know, the typical daily grind.

OK, in all fairness, my wife and I hadn’t met up for lunch in quite a while, so I suppose that was out of the norm.

Oh. And the boss thing, too.

I am always sticking my foot in my mouth. It’s sort of my “thing.” Earlier in the week, I texted a coworker, Dr. Jones looks like a corpse! Only I got her phone number wrong; I entered 635- when it should have been 653- and so my text went to a complete stranger. Fortunately I never got a reply, but my SMS provider did confirm the message was delivered. In my defense, Dr. Jones (not his real name) does look like…

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