A Recipe For Happiness

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Take a bowl of strawberries
put it into the freezer
wait one hour
take it out

Gently place one strawberry
in your mouth
for three seconds
roll it in sugar

Put it back in your mouth
the luscious moment.


My best friend Katrin Denkwitz and I had a ritual. Every time I would sleep over at hers, we’d patiently wait under our blankets until her parents were asleep, then sneak to the freezer and take out a bag of strawberries.
Katrin taught me the important lesson of how to gently defrost each strawberry in the mouth before coating them in sugar. Then we would look at each other from opposite armchairs and grin lopsidedly through numb mouths.

Later in my twenties and already living in London, I came across a line in Leonard Cohen’s book The Favourite Game, ‘She had a treat for him, frozen strawberries.’ I thought to myself, I know exactly what you mean, and in that moment divergent lines from the past and present connected in consoling ways.



And if this wet your appetite, here is a Recipe For Love...


37 thoughts on “A Recipe For Happiness

  1. I’m having strawberries right now! Fresh ones in a delicious breakfast concoction of soy milk, greek yoghurt, roasted almonds and toasted buckwheat kernals!

    What a sweet story- I loved the image of two little girls grinning lopsidedly πŸ™‚

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    1. thank you dear, that makes me happy πŸ™‚ a lovely theme to focus on, have a look at kindnessblog, very inspiring and life-affirming real-life accounts, here is one of them: http://kindnessblog.com/2016/01/29/a-strangers-hug-led-to-redemption/
      just read a few more of your posts and am very affected by your story, leaving a little-three-year old on the streets?!! how inhuman. i can understand the anger and rejection you must have felt. just imagined how very damaged your mother must be to that, though knowing that isn’t a great help. I’m also glad you didn’t do what you had planned to do and love the line that your humanity didn’t die. Just wanted to say that I feel sorry that this happened to you but then, we always have plenty of opportunities to turn life around and do things better than our parents by NOT passing on the hurt. Good luck on your journey!!

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      1. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement and I agree. Much of my goal in life with my own children is to never pass that type of pain on to them. I have my own struggles, as we all do, but we grow from them each day if we allow it. Thank you for giving my blog a browse! Very kind! πŸ™‚

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  2. A happy life is a long span of memory peppered with such happy moments.
    As always, your writing bewitches me.
    To “…arrest the luscious moment.” and have it come back around with “that moment divergent lines from the past and present connected in a consoling way.”.
    The passages spoke to me, as if I’d written them myself, wishing I had done so.
    “We don’t remember the days,” the saying goes, “We remember the moments.”

    Stay beautiful,


    p.s.: Now I know why the sugar was always wet. Wait’ll I talk to my sister…

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    1. Dear Paz,
      I’m very happy the poem/recipe/memoir spoke to you in such a way. Hearing your heartfelt response is very engaging and encouraging. It’s also moments like these πŸ™‚
      And you are absolutely right about the sugar going all lumpy! Did it have a soft rose tint as well? Let’s get to the bottom of your sister’s shenanigans! πŸ˜‰
      thanks again and have a lovely weekend,


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