Mona Lisa Sm:-(le

Thomas Ricker flickr Mona lisa suck
photo: Thomas Ricker


Lisa del Giocondo was fed up with keeping that phony smile on her lips. These fools didn’t know that the only reason she smiled so awkwardly was to hide the wooden braces which had been fitted to correct her crooked teeth.

Dio mio, she wasn’t amused at all. Not by these gaping visitors, not by being trapped inside a frame or hanging by a thread… the corners of her mouth seemed to be pulled upwards by ever-tightening hooks.

Then this god-damn CCTV and guards everywhere… nowhere was she able to spend some time in peaceful solitude.

The lights in the Louvre went off. Lisa had been meticulously plotting her escape for 502 years, 13 days and 8 hours.

Finally the moment had come.

Mona Lisa_curtain


45 thoughts on “Mona Lisa Sm:-(le

  1. hej, tolle Geschichte! Es ist lustig, eine meiner ersten Geschichten auf meinem blog war auch eine über Mona Lisa…sie tauchte dann nochmal in meiner Geschichte vom liebeskranken Zeus auf – falls du Lust hast reinzulesen findest du sie hier:
    liebe Grüße und danke für deinen Besuch in der wortwabe!

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  2. If Mona escapes, it won’t be for the first time. Actually I think she should fly the coop again. I know a good orthodontist in Cincinnati, and a sojourn across the pond would probably do her some good. She would almost certainly enjoy the laughing gas as the dentist probes her molars–and who knows, perhaps that languid demi-smile would turn into a chortle or an outright laugh.

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      1. Well I knew I liked your writing but you have done this most of your life? That certainly makes your comments and input on my site even more valuable, thank you …
        I write poetry but when one was exhibited in April, had to get some basic tech skills and decided to blog so that people could choose to read or not. But I also have a lot of social comment that I like to stimulate discussion on, matters that need to be aired. Thanks for getting involved!

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  3. Seit ich in Werkstätten öfter einmal Fantasy-Geschichten begegne, ist auch mein Sinn fürs Phantastische gewachsen, so dass ich mir ganz problemlos vorstellen kann, dass gerade jetzt, in diesem Moment … Schönen Dank dafür!

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  4. I love your story. She’s famous now and yet I am sure in her lifetime, she had a mountain of insecurities. It is interesting that a man’s interpretation and presentation of her is what we cherish rather than the woman herself. My hairstylist is a man. He gives me “hair that men are into” and my trainer was a man, who sculpted me with a personalised program. The results were positive, so I am not objecting. But I wonder how many of us ask if ideas that women embrace as symbols of feminine beauty actually come from us?

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    1. Not as long as women care what men think, dear . ; ) I do not say this thinking that this is the “right” way of doing things. It just seems that it is the way things are. I personally would not wear clothing that received negative reactions from women in general.

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