Victor had too often in his life said No. Or rather No when he actually wanted to say Yes! and Yes when deep inside it was calling No!

In order to simplify his life, he replaced all Yesses with Nos.

It had taken him years of painstaking work to build his fortress to keep everyone out and himself in. Victor started to believe it was because of all the Nos which should have been, might have been, could have been Yesses.

And therefore, starting from today, no, from this very second, he would say YES! to everything.


This emerged from a prompt by Jutta Reichelt’s Story Generator.
Jutta is a German author and fabulous human being who runs a genius blog on writing and storytelling.

31 thoughts on “Choices

    1. Me too 🙂 another fellow blogger told me about the Jim Carey film YES MAN where loads of funny things are happening because he’s deciding to do just that.
      But saying Yes to life and everything it brings and seeing opportunities and positive challenges rather than struggle and pain is already one step in the right direction… Sag ich einfach mal so 🙂


  1. “…from this very second, he would say YES! to everything.’ Oh, no! A tragic mistake. Take it from me: prevaricate. Learn to position your lips and tongue (not too suggestively) to utter the magic word ‘maybe.’

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  2. Wonderful stuff. “YES” in any context is always more difficult. Saying “YES” requires a measure of courage because it opens people up to vulnerability and risk. There is no positive outcome or growth that is not accompanied by a certain amount of risk, though. It took me a long time to learn that. The less people do, (the more they say “NO”) the less they want to do and it can be paralyzing. The first “YES” is always the hardest mental hurdle to clear. After that, it becomes a happy habit.

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      1. War mal ein Plan – nachdem ich in jungen Jahren “Staatsanwälte küsst man nicht” gesehen habe. Und weil ich meinte, Anwälte kämpfen immer um Gerechtigkeit. Wurde glücklicherweise rechtzeitig von dieser Idee geheilt.

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