Self-Doubt & Self-Criticism

Andy Wahol


47 thoughts on “Self-Doubt & Self-Criticism

  1. Great saying, I often read a post about people asking other people what they would like to read, this or that, and I think to myself ” Just write whatever you want”.. I do that, specially since I can´t do other things, I tried to be someone else once when it got to writing and I failed miserably at it. So yes, créate and creat art, your art not what others want it to be or say bad things about it. I could care less what they say about my writing, it is mine, my art,, and that is something nobody can take it away from me.

    By the way great poem I read earlier.

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    1. I’m signing all of the above Charly. I also think that if I ‘fail’, at least I failed with all of myself rather than with what I thought others might like. And of course, there is no failure, only what we do and doing it from our hearts means we will always succeed.
      thank you for your thoughts and kind comments.
      wishing you a springy Sunday, the sun is actually out and about in London 🙂


      1. Hi Dagmar,
        really good place here, I like it. Freue mich, zufällig deine Seite hier gefunden zu haben. Mach weiter so! Ben aus Berlin und Leipzig (18.Oktober).

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    1. very true. but creating also serves a basic human need of expression, communication and sharing.
      For me specifically it signifies to keep on writing and to make money with what I love rather than working low-paid jobs to pay the rent, so quite a practical purpose as well 🙂

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  2. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about Andy Warhol.

    These are not my words, but I’m quite certain someone must feel this way about soup cans and the like.

    Naturally not having to spend time in contemplation of Warhol’s ‘art’ gives me time be creative. Thank you, Andy.

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  3. Make more art so you can make more money. Make more money so you can buy more cocaine. Buy more cocaine so you can enjoy more all-night parties at Studio 54. Ahh, Mr. Warhol. You were one of a kind.

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  4. I wish that i had seen this before I quit writing lyrics/poems and prose. Wish I had been told this before I quit making music and playing guitar. I allowed people’s negativity to worm their way in to my soul and destroy what I loved doing for a time. Perhaps one day I will start it all up again. This was an inspiring step towards recovery. Thank You TD : ) XO

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    1. You are very welcome 🙂 I’m sorry to hear this. But it’s never too late to say f*** you and go back to doing what you love and what gives your life meaning. I’ve spent a long stretch in the creative dessert and only crossed it recently with the help of Instagram and WP, by sharing, communicating and enjoying my own creativity and the creativity of others.
      Start with a little thing today. Maybe write some lines of a poem/lyrics, playing the guitar, even only 10 minutes can make a difference.
      And you have said the keyword: Recovery, it made me think of Julia Cameron’s brilliant book The Artist’s Way, which is a course in discovering and recovering your creative self. Check it out, second-hand on Amazon it’s only a few bucks.
      have a lovely weekend,

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      1. 25years of dealing with depression makes it very difficult to cope with going back to things at times but i will absorb your advice deeply, it is much appreciated!


  5. What a strange coincidence, I’ve just finished re-reading his book “Popism” on his life and views in the 1960s the other day. He did say a couple of true and valuable things and he had an impact on so many people, think of Keith Haring and Basquiat in the artistic world, nobody’s to deny that but there are ways in which I think Warhol is controversal. His ‘usage’ of people for example, there are a couple of words out there (just check the search engine of your choice) about how selfish he could be and how, while he didn’t encourage it actively this particular selfishness is supposed to be partly responsible for some of his friends, superstars and protegés [spelling?!] demise. I don’t know enough about these issues to really discuss them but I did get a bit of a picture readung his book and watching some things (youtube has a couple of interviews etc.).

    Did you know about this: Check the archive if you’re interested it’s got all sorts of media and quotes about him.

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    1. I think you are totally right about Warhol not being the most pleasant of beings, I’m fully aware of this. I think his darkness attracted a lot of other self-destructive and troubled people and artists and he was a bit of a leech and parasite. And let’s not forget about his overbearing and controlling Mother, which always reminded me of Hitchcock’s Psycho 🙂
      Will check out the link, I’m sure there are many interesting things about the man. However, these words ring true and he lived according to them and history proved him right.

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      1. As far as his mother or rather her influence on him is concerned I think I can actually compare a bit, because when you leave your native country you don’t leave your mentality behind and my mother’s father came from a similar geographical background as they did and it of course affected my mother and her siblings and hence me, my brother and cousins as well. Another example for the effects of that kind of education (though with differing ‘results’) is Marina Abramovic, for example. Also, like Warhol eventually attracted to the idea of the ‘star artist’ if you can put it that way. Though she like him is good in what she does. Plus, of course, Warhol’s childhood disease, which made him a sort of outcast with other children which leaves a mark, so of course if you’ve got the chance to get out of the milieu you take it and because you never want to go back you probably go over the top a little. All quite understandable. Doesn’t alter the fact he had the one or other odd attitude towards art and the people he worked with. But the quote is certainly true. Reminds me, I got a couple of post-it markers in my copy of “Popism”. (I was going to ask someone for a copy of his diaries by the way -I do occasionally trade needlework for books – but then I felt I couldn’t handle pages of pages of restaurant bills etc. as its said you documented in his diaries.)

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