Body Electric


your body is invasive
paying armies of bloodthirsty

a conquistador
burning everything it touches
searching for the promised gold

an animal
in the high grass ready to leap
one sound ahead of its prey

a lost child
leaning against the wall
unable to speak of its sorrows

devouring everything
and slowly burning from the inside.

38 thoughts on “Body Electric

  1. Like a bull tiptoeing through a china closet I seem to have gained the scent but not the gist of of the delicates that surround me. I apologize for my cloddish entrance ! [ Sometimes I can be an insensitive jerk] [ Sorry ] It seems that lately I have been the recipient of many comments from numerous bloggers through the day on Sunday, and I have come to feel spoiled from the attention. I had missed your repartee from the week before love. How quickly we are spoiled ! ; )

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