Dalston Noir

hipster 1
Egon contemplating the meanness of life

DALSTON NOIR – a Noir-Hipster-Crime-Serial set in 2015 in London Fields

Meet Egon Schmuck, 37, Hobby-Detective and antihero, at times filled with existential angst (due to not getting out enough) but mostly calm and currently unemployed. He’s deeply indebted to the UK welfare state because with some housing benefit and the odd cash-in-hand jobs he survives, and not badly.
The seeming wilfulness of his fashionable outfits hides a time-intensive approach of carefully considering various juxtapositions until a satisfying new combinations of his Oxfam bargains has transpired. This process takes almost as long as it took forming the sentence about it.
Always with some time to spare, Oxfam has proven a haven for time-rich and purpose-seeking people like Egon and hours fly by when browsing the extensive book section, trays with cutlery and colourful postcard boxes.
Whenever nosy fellow citizens have the cheek to ask him what he does for a living, Egon replies as throwaway as possible that he is a freelancer, remaining vague about the actual nature of his non-work.
Egon calls himself a London native (though he was born in a little village in Shropshire), his roaming ground is London Fields, not Dalston as he likes to point out, a great place to watch the human condition pass by, filling him with existential thoughts as he sips his flat white on Broadway Market.

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