TomorrowDefinitely features columns, fiction, poems and just-so-stories, covering the whole range of earthly experience, from how to get up in the morning to stabs at what it means to be a Mensch.

Being an avid lover of film noir, crime stories and femme fatales in all guises, I have tried my hand at pulp fiction, which turned into the serial DALSTON NOIR with London hipster Egon Schmuck as the reluctant antihero.

Disclaimer **************************************

  • All posts are based on my perception/experiences
  • No humans were knowingly hurt in the process
  • I reserve the right to invent, distort and fiddle with words
  • Most of it is tongue-in-cheek, offence taken at reader’s risk
  • Copyright of all text and images, unless stated otherwise, Dagmar BaumunkTD-cup1-writing-small_cropped
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